The St Thomas’s Church young Entrepreneur Award (25 years old and under on 21st June 2020) award is open to any young entrepreneurs that are enjoying success in building their own business, or to employees that have had an outstanding impact in contributing to the successes of a larger organisation.

Entry to this category is open to all organisations with an operating address in South Wiltshire



Judges will be looking for you to:

  • Demonstrate drive and resilience, especially in the face of set backs
  • Demonstrate strong business acumen and growing skill in such areas as financial  control, branding and  sales
  • Show how their experience inspires them to encourage others in their age group
  • How you have made an impact within a business and been able to grow and develop personally as well the business
  • Demonstrate how, as part of a business, you have been able to learn from successes and failures and positively celebrate achievements.


Rev Inglis who was previously the vicar of All Hallows Church in Whitchurch, Hampshire, is very excited to be making connections with shops and businesses as well as the people of St Thomas’s and the people of the parish thought this year’s SWBOY and at the prospect of working out of this church and working with the people here who I know are a lively, interesting and committed congregation

“I’m also very aware that St Thomas’s is a church with a fascinating history, it has a lot of visitors and I’m looking forward to meeting all the different people who come into the church.

“I have always felt that the church offers a certain beauty of worship, music and relationships, and the church’s role is to show people the love of Jesus in what we say and what we do as a church

Eleanor Humphries – Phoenix Stars